why Eye shadow boxes?
Eye shadow is a cosmetic product, used to make the wearer's eyes stand out to look more beautiful and enhanced. It is mostly applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. Eye shadow palette manufacturers convince the ladies to purchase the eye shadows through their packaging, vibrant and nude colors and finest quality of eye shadow powder .eye shadow palettes come in different sizes,shapes ,styles and packaging.

Eye shadows come in different types of packaging. The packaging is mostly made up of recycled plastic and polyester. Here are some different types of packaging that the cosmetic companies use to sell the
eye shadows.

This is one of the most common eye shadow plastic boxes. The interior and exterior of the eye shadow boxes is made up of high quality refined, pure plastic. This type of eye shadow box is only manufactured for a single eye shade and it also has the room for the miniature application brushes. These type of eye shadow packaging do not usually come with an upfront mirror.

In these type of eye shadow boxes, the manufacturer uses an ordinary piece of cardboard and turn it into a classy magnetic paper eye shade container. The eye shadow packaging depends upon the type of cardboard sheet and the design and shape of the eye shadow molds depend upon the company. It could either be rectangular or triangular. For the covering or for the interior design, plain silk finishing or fancy papers are used. They make sure that the fabric is of fine quality after being ironed or stretched inside the edges of the eye shadow box. Then the magnet is attached to the plastic casing of eye shadow palette with the help of double-sided foam tape. This type of eye shadow box comprises of 8-10 slots, each consist of different color or shade, an application brush and an attached mirror.

WHOLESALE 18 color eye shadow packaging;
These types of eye shadow packaging come in large rectangular container. This eye shadow box comprises of 16-18 slots and each consist of different vibrant and attractive colors. These shades might be glittery, matte or glossy. The eye shadow packaging is designed with an attractive brand logo. The eye shadow box consist of a mirror and an application brush.

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