Customized Eyeshadow Boxes Wholesale

What are Eyeshadow Boxes?

Women love colors and to enhance their beauty colorful eyeshadows are widely used by women all around the world. Irrespective of their age, color and breed eye shadows are every women’s most favorite product.  Beautiful eye shadows in bland features stay and gather dust on the racks. Eyeshadow boxes should be as attractive as the product itself. Packaging enhances the beauty of eye shadows. eye shadow boxes are available in different sizes and designs. Customized eye shadows bring charm and elegance to the product. It also keeps the product safe from breaking and scattering.

Premade and Custom Eye Shadow Boxes:

Beautiful custom eyeshadow boxes are not only used for packaging but also to bring the product to limelight and attract buyers. Pre-made boxes are easily available in the market in different sizes. They are affordable but due to the same boxes available everywhere they are of lessor no charm. No one likes to buy a product that they can’t distinguish from others. Custom made boxes easily solve this problem.  Buy a box in whatever size and design you want. Get your logo printed on the box and its ready to allure the customer to buy it. Eyeshadow packaging boxes specifically designed for a product adds great value to the product.

Product Boxes are made in different Style of Boxes:

Out of many product boxes like 123 bottom, Hexagon boxes, four corner tray, seal end boxes. Eye shadow boxes are designed more colorful as it’s in a lady’s DNA to get attracted to the colors. For the excellent sale of eyeshadows, wholesale custom eye shadow boxes play an important role. High quality and stupendous boxes increase the wroth of the product and its brand. Window panes can also be added to the box to give the customer a look of what goodness is packed inside. Use of different techniques like raised ink, embossing and gold/silver foiling makes it more attractive.
Eyeshadow Packaging
Custom eyeshadow boxes help you to not only protect your product but also increase your sales to a remarkable level

Boxes are made using different Materials:

Colorful custom boxes having window panes augmented in them greatly entice the customers. These boxes are made of 100% eco-friendly material like Kraft, cardboard stock and corrugated board. Boxes modified according to the retailer’s preference create great impacts on the market. These boxes keep the product free from any outside hazards thus maintaining its quality to provide customers the best experience. These boxes are also a great way to advertise your product.

Buy from CustomBoxesZone:

Looking for a superb eye shadow packaging box to endorse your product. Visit our website. We at CustomBoxesZone have the latest technology to print and decorate your boxes. Our In-house designers provide free art services to make your box unique from all the other available in the market. We provide the best finishing options to increase the visibility of your eye shadow boxes. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers no matter what. Our artistic template gives a splendid touch to your boxes.  Our prices are significantly low as compared to others in the market. We also don’t charge anything for designing of the product. Our delivery is free for all orders.


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