Customized Nail Polish Boxes Wholesale

Nail Polish Boxes

Nail polishes are one of the fundamental elements in women’s grooming. It is used worldwide by women to paint their nails colorful.  How beautiful does it will look to add color to the boxes of these color blasts? Custom nail polish boxes add colors to the boxes. Nail Polish boxes are generally in cube or cuboid form. Boxes size depends on the size and shape of the nail polish bottles. Some boxes contain only one nail polish whereas some contain two, three or packs of nail polishes. The color of packs may be of the same genre or entirely different from each other. Partitions are sometimes added to the box to avoid collision between the boxes. It is therefore very important to modify the boxes to cater to all designs and shapes of the boxes.

Different Styles of Boxes:

Nail polish box should be designed in a way that it protects the product as well as attracts the customers. You can choose from a variety of boxes from the market to serve your needs. Different nail polish is packed in customized wholesale packaging to reflect the true colors of nail paint. Like for red color nail paint red color box is preferred, for the black color black box is liked and so on. For packing multiple nail paints in one box a common theme should be used.

Premade or Custom Box:

You can choose a readily available box which is slightly cheaper in the rate but doesn’t look appealing to many customers or custom designed boxes that are tailor-made to cater to your product needs. These custom made boxes are designed in a way that your product stands unique in the market. Nail polishes are a very high demanded item so they should be packed in bright and alluring boxes so just by looking at boxes customer can’t resist buying them. Custom packaging ensures that the nail polishes effectively represent their brand. Custom made packaging can incorporate different themes, company logos and all necessary information on the box to win customers trust and hearts.

What are These Boxes Made Of?

Kraft, cardboard and corrugated stock all are 100% eco-friendly and keeps the nail paints safe from outside dangers and breakage. Custom nail polish packaging is done according to your requirements, size, and design. After selecting the material you can choose from a variety of finishing options like aqueous coating, gloss, matte, silver/gold foiling, Embossing, and UV spot. Window panes can also be added to flaunt your product. Separate compartments can also be added to keep nail paints intact inside the box. 

Why CustomBoxesZone?

Want a cool box to gain brand popularity? Give us a call or send us an email. Our representative will get in touch with you. We at CustomBoxesZone provide absolutely high-class boxes at a very reasonable cost with free door step delivery. If you need any help regarding the design of your box, our team will help you out free of cost. Our customers prefer us due to our quickest turnaround time in the industry.


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