Customized Hairspray Packaging Boxes Wholesale

What are Hair Spray Boxes?

Hair plays an important role in the transition of a person’s appearance. Whether it’s about styling your hair or temporarily hiding your baldness different type of hair spray are launched to serve the needs of customers. Hair sprays need ostentatious packaging to impress customers. Hair sprays are filled in bottles which are encased in hairspray boxes. Customized hair spray boxes grab the attention of the customer and help the business to grow easily. Apart from attracting customers packaging also plays an important role in keeping the product safe from weather stimuli.

Premade or Custom Made Boxes:

Customized box means manufacturing a box from scratch to finish according to the requirement of the customer. Size, shape, color everything is customized so that it best fits the product and adds value to it. Hair products are of different nature, style and design and they require a packaging that suits them best. Premade boxes are available in limited sizes and designs. You can print your logo on them but customization more than that is nearly impossible. Readymade boxes don’t look attractive at all. These common boxes that are available everywhere in the market don’t add any charm to the brand. Customers are very brand conscious these days. They will not bother looking at identical simple boxes let alone buying them. Eye catchy packaging with flamboyant color schemes makes it easy for the customer to recall and always purchase your product.

Hair Packaging Box is a Style or Type of Packaging Box:

Custom made boxes can be made for any product you want to launch in the market. There is a wide variety of style of boxes available that you can choose from like tuck end boxes, paper briefcase, and auto bottom tray. Whatever style you choose it should be kept in mind that it should attract customers as well as save the product from any hampering or tempering. These boxes can be upgraded using different embellishing accessories like laces, ribbons, visual images and die-cut windows.
Custom Hairspray Packaging
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Material Used for Boxes:

Hair products require extra packaging and care. Only a high-quality box can ensure the safety of the product. Custom hairspray packaging boxes are made of Kraft, cardboard or corrugated stuff. These materials are easily available, affordable and recyclable. Logos are added to facilitate the customer to recognize the brand and to advertise the products. Window panes and other insertions are added to boxes on demand of retailers. Custom add-ons like hang tabs, embossing, gold/silver foiling. Extra internal cushioning, window panes are added to facilitate the customer and to attract targeted end user.

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